Perogy princess

Sometimes I think I have no business starting a blog involving anything to do with Ukrainian cooking. Not when I have a sister that just whips up perogies on a random Sunday and posts photos like these to her facebook profile. Meet Valya from Ottawa. She also makes pysanky (Ukrainian Easter eggs) like a pro. And her writing is much more entertaining and grammatically accurate. I hope she considers this posting her invitation to guest blog whenever she likes.

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4 Responses to Perogy princess

  1. Anastasia Galadza

    ….and you should taste her potato salad.

  2. Aw shucks. Well, I should come clean and say that the perogy in my hand there is the ONLY one I made…the rest were expertly manufactured by a Chinese girl, a Polish man, a woman of Mennonite origin and her British husband. I did my portion of frying and eating them, though. I know how labour intensive Uki food is, so I let them do the hard work! Potato salad guest blog coming right up. Or just link to the one on my blog (woefully out of date, but still relevant, I guess).

  3. I should add that in lieu of making the perogies, I was to be singing in Ukrainian for them. I even considered being in official costume and busting out some dance moves. Maybe next time.

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