A perfect day

Happy thanksgiving! Today is my absolute favorite holiday….how can it not be, when the focus is on gratitude, family & friends,  delicious food, and the last bit of gorgeous fall weather. And this year it’s extra special for one big reason: a happy, healthy baby boy–that soothed his own little self to sleep last night, wheeeee!

We’re having dinner with some great friends and bringing these turnips and my usual creamed beets. Last night as I cooked, I thought about our thanksgiving last year and how much has changed since then. No Dolly, no Otto. I worked a whole lot and made whoopie pies for coworkers and played to my heart’s content. Things were perfect, and yet today is perfect too, in a different sort of way. I love that how we define perfection can change over time.

Anyway, back to thanksgiving for a sec and then we’re off….today I snuck out to the gym for a class (thank you, Adam, for making sure I didn’t feel guilty doing so) and we ended with a meditation. My teacher reminded us to enjoy every bite, really feel every hug, and keep up the gratitude all through the holidays. Simple, right? What a perfect plan. Have a wonderful day. xo.

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