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Egg Drop Soup

I have comfort food on my mind this week, and thankfully, this is one dish that takes almost no time at all. I’ve been starting meals with egg drop soup for as long as I can remember; I think it may well be the very first of my baba’s soups that I can recall.  Hers is different from the kind you get from the Chinese takeout. While the Chinese kind has thin, silky noodles, the Ukrainian version has just the slightest bite, and a handful of dill and a few sliced carrots brighten it up nicely.

I don’t have a picture of this soup…it’s not really one that photographs well for amateurs like me, I’m afraid. But I do have this picture of my upside-down Mason jars. I learned a tip from my mother about keeping broth in the fridge for a longer period of time. Place freshly-made broth–or any hot soup (note: it MUST be hot, and I avoid this method with soups that contain dairy, just fyi)–in a clean Mason jar (I don’t go so far as to sterilize, but I do run them through the dishwasher extra long). Close tightly and flip upside down. Allow the contents to come down to room temperature. Flip right side up and put in the fridge (not the cupboard…this isn’t canning!). The whole process here forms a seal on the jar, and this way your soups will last much much longer (I can’t say how long, but I usually use them up within a month), and when you make a big pot of something, you’re not stuck eating it for days. Continue reading

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