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Shamrock shakes re-imagined

Remember Shamrock Shakes? Do they even exist anymore? The last (and only) time I had one I must have been 6 or 7 in my Hladio cousins’ living room over March Break. I still remember the excitement on my cousin Annie’s face when she told us that she and her boyfriend Pete–now husband of 20 years!–would be back with Shamrock Shakes.  I can’t remember the taste, but I knew this was something special.

Now I have a new green shake to get excited about. I was googling ‘healthy green smoothie’ today and came across this lovely mix of apple, kale, avocado, and ginger. I feel healthy just looking at the recipe!  And the blog, by food stylist/photographer/green living&cooking extraordinaire Winnie Abramson (that’s her photograph above) is another discovery I was happy to make. Today, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, she posted  a recipe for Irish oat broth with leeks–something I’ll be saving for a rainy day breakfast sometime soon.

(Image via Healthy Green Kitchen)

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